Monday, 28 April 2014

my part of the 10c/2d exibition

"Artist statement"

What are you doing, stop staring at a wall just because it says things and its in a gallery, well I guess if you not going to leave it'll be your own fault, My dilemma when creating work is I generally want to do everything and anything and don't like sitting still or doing the same thing over and over, while this makes it interesting as I create in a variety of mediums, it can make things confusing with the questions being, so what are you doing this week? Or remember that thing I did that you weren't there to see? And though I would like to perform and entertain people 24/7. I have other things to do, so I have produced an echo of my mind, a collection representing my own personal critique of art. It is everything and nothing all at the same time. Presented using humour and satire
 about the art world, modern and contemporary art mainly focused on my own experiences. I also feel humour is and important factor with in my practice. So gather round, gather round ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, as I am proud to present to you, for one week only, My art manifesto: Art, perception, the world and Natalie, a real tangible thing that you can touch! And I guess you can, if you really want to, just don't leave any marks or break anything, feel the art and while your reading this, stood on the big "x" on the floor, I'll be standing above you ready to drop water on you.... That was a test to see who would look up. If you did well done on being cautious cause you never know and if you didn't look well done for not believing something just because it written on a gallery wall but I'll get you next time.

this peice was interesting to create as i did not know what i was going to end up with i was in Paris and feeling art charged from all the museums so i got out some paper closed my eyes and created dots i then connected those dots and created what became the outline of the bird and part of the tree. it was an interesting challenge and something i enjoyed doing as it tested my creative ability to turn a random shape in to a actual thing

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